Agencija za Bankarstvo Republike Srpske

Payment card is a non-cash payment instrument which allows you to pay for goods and services, as well as to withdraw cash. 

Why …

faster way to access money than going to a bank, availability of funds 24 hours/day, greater security in case of loss than in case of carrying cash, payments abroad. payments even when you do not have enough money in your account...

Cards offered by banks …

Debit cards - allow you to pay for goods and services or to withdraw cash up to the amount of available funds recorded in the account (including overdraft in some banks).

Credit cards - allow you deferred payments for goods and services, as well as to withdraw cash up to a certain limit defined by a contract previously concluded with a bank. During the use of those funds, customers are charged with an interest in accordance with the contract.  

Most popular ones are so called revolving credit cards. Under these cards, you pay the agreed percentage of the withdrawn amount once a month. Part of debt not being repaid is transferred to the following month and interest, as defined in a contract, is to be paid on that debt. 

Prepaid cards - cards with certain pre-paid amount which can be later used for payments, cash withdrawals and online payments. 

Card issuance 

You can apply for card issuance in a bank or on the website of a bank. General terms of the issuance and use of payment cards can be found on the website of a bank or in the chosen bank, directly.

Upon the receipt of a card you are required to sign it. Unsigned card is invalid.

Card is valid until the last day of the month indicated on the card. If you do not cancel your card, your bank will automatically renew the card with a new validity period.

Bank delivers a PIN (personal identification number). Your obligation is to keep it confidential.

It is not recommended to keep the PIN with the card.   


Card use

Card can be used at all points of sale, ATMs and banks which have the logo of your card.  

Card payments at a point of sale

You give your card to a merchant who inserts/swipes it through the POS terminal and enters the transaction amount, after which you will be asked to enter your PIN number. Before you enter the PIN, check the receipt amount on the display and cover the PIN entry with your hand. Upon the approval of the transaction, the receipt is printed in 2 copies (called slip). One copy is for the merchant, while you take the other copy for any possible complaints in the future (in case of a mismatch between the transaction statements and the purchase performed). In case you did not confirm the transaction by entering the PIN, you will be asked to sign a slip like you signed on your card.

  • merchant may ask for your identity document with a photo
  • when paying, do not allow your card be taken out of your sight

Cash withdrawal

Cash withdrawal at the counter is the same as purchase; only, a client is obliged to give a personal identification document with a photo to a bank officer.   


Cash withdrawal at ATMs

  • insert your card in ATM (as displayed on the ATM screen)
  • follow  the instructions on screen 
  • select a withdrawal option
  • enter PIN code (while entering, cover the keyboard with a hand)
  • select a button next to the desired amount or type it under the option "other amount"

In case you have sufficient funds in your account, ATM pays out the cash and prints out the slip on the completed transaction. Keep the slip safe for the purpose of comparing it to your bank statement.  

ATM will keep a card if:

  • you entered incorrect PIN three consecutive times
  • the card is blocked
  • you failed to withdraw your card after the ATM ejected it
  • the card has expired

In such case, inform your bank immediately.

Cash withdrawals at the ATMs and counters of other banks in the country and abroad are charged additionally, and the fee is added to the amount of transaction. Be sure to check bank information on fees, exchange rate for transactions abroad, debt currency and possible commission charged when converting. 


A card should be kept separately from other means of payment and regularly checked for its presence.

Make sure your card is not taken out of your sight when making payments at a point of sale.

A client assumes the risk for unauthorized card use, hence adhere to safety measures when using a card (ex. card must be signed, disclosing of PIN, giving a card to be used by another person). 

If a card is lost or stolen, immediately inform the bank that issued the card. The bank is obliged to block the card immediately. if you subsequently find the card which you reported as stolen/lost, you must not use it. Return it to the bank that issued the card.  


Bank                                                                         Block a card - telephone number 

Banka Srpske a.d. Banja Luka                                24hrs/day: 051 245 045 

Hypo Alpe-Adria Banka a.d. Banja Luka               24hrs/day: 070 340 440

NLB Razvojna banka a.d. Banja Luka                    24hrs/day: 051 242 171

Sberbank a.d. Banja Luka                                       08h-16h: 051 241 124 or 051 241 156 after16h: 051 241 100 or +381 (0)11 308 2300  

Komercijalna banka a.d. Banja Luka                                 

Nova banka a.d. Banja Luka                                   24hrs/day: 051 333 350 or 0800 500 11

UniCredit Bank a.d. Banja Luka                         08h-16h: 051 243 200 after 16h: 051 246 604

Pavlović International Bank a.d. Bijeljina           24hrs/day: 055 208 132

MF banka a.d. Banja Luka                                     08h-16h: 051 240 309 after 16h: +381 11 207 11 25   

Banks from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which have the organizational units in Republika Srpska

Bank                                                                      Block a card - telephone number 

Raiffeisen Bank dd BH                                            24hrs/day: +387 (0)33 755 030

ProCredit Bank Sarajevo                                        24hrs/day: +387 (0)33 250 976

Intesa Sanpaolo Banka dd BiH Sarajevo 

ZiraatBank BH d.d. Sarajevo                                 08h-16h: +387 (0)33 252 243 or +387 (0)33 252 244 after 16h: +387 (0)61 181 832

Sparkasse Bank dd BH Sarajevo                          24hrs/day: +387 (0)33 280 300 or +387 (0)33 958 500

UniCredit Bank dd  Mostar                               24hrs/day: +387 (0)36 312 695

Bosna Bank International d.d. Sarajevo           24hrs/day: +387 (0)33 275 131 


Using a credit card is always more expensive than using a debit one. 

Before applying for a card, ask about the commissions and fees that banks charge for the issuance and use of payment cards.   

To purchase online, use a prepaid card.  

Regularly check your account balance.

Memorize your PIN and never carry it with you.  

Write the number of customer service (on the card back-side) to report a theft, if it occurs.