Agencija za Bankarstvo Republike Srpske

Draft Decision on Liquidity Risk Management for Public Discussion

16.06.2017. yr.

In accordance with the Strategy for implementation of Basel III and for the purpose of public discussion, the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska drafted and published Draft Decision on Liquidity Risk Management.

Draft Decision on Liquidity Risk Management is published here.  

Public discussion is planned to last until the end of July 2017, by which time it is necessary that the Banks Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina consolidates and systematizes questions, suggestions and comments of individual banks, and submits them in the form of a single document to the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska. This single document shall include all issues of common interest for the banking sector as a whole in terms of application of regulatory requirements stemming from the said Decision.

In order to harmonize the regulation at the level of BiH banking sector, entity banking agencies shall jointly participate in the procedure of public discussion with the banking sector through the Banks Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Transitional and final provisions shall be subject of consideration and harmonization after the procedure of public discussion has been conducted.

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