Agencija za Bankarstvo Republike Srpske

Agency signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the European Central Bank

19.12.2018. yr.

Director Rade Rastoka, on behalf of the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska, and chairman and vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board, Daniele Nouy and Sabine Alice Lautenschlager, respectively, on behalf of the Single Supervisory Mechanism of the European Central Bank, signed the Memorandum of Understanding in order to establish cooperation and set mechanisms for the exchange of information between signatory institutions. Such cooperation shall facilitate promotion of integrity, stability and efficiency of banks subject to supervision, that shall ensure efficient exchange of data and information between supervisory institutions to the extent permitted by law. Memorandum is a result of negotiations and processes of alignment of regulation in Republika Srpska with the EU regulation.

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